What Does Your Company Logo Say About Your Business?

Creating a Logo That Tells a Story

29 March 2023

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The Joys of Company Logo

When creating a logo, it’s important to remember that it’s the first impression your company makes on consumers. So, it’s vital to ensure that your logo accurately a lasting impression on your target audience. This means choosing the right colors and designs that reflects you and your company.

But for those unfamiliar with what makes a good logo or what should a logo represent, keep reading—this post is for you!

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The Power of Color

There’s more to thoughtful logo design than choosing your favorite color. The characteristics of a logo is important too. Certain colors elicit specific emotions, so choosing a color that fits your brand story, vision and mission makes sense.

Let’s talk a little bit about the emotions that different colors evoke:

  • Red – Intensity, power, strength, passion
  • Orange – Boldness, energy, youth, playfulness
  • Yellow – Positivity, happiness, friendliness
  • Green – Health, eco-friendliness, growth, wealth, balance
  • Blue – Calmness, trust, support, peace, reliability,
  • Violet – Quality, refinement, luxury, royalty
  • Black – Elegance, security, expertise, sophistication
  • White – Innocence, cleanliness, purity

Where Text Works

Outline with the word ‘branding’ in orange text with ‘identity’, ‘logo’, ‘design’, and ‘marketing’ underneath in black text

When creating a perfect logo, a slogan or other text can take your logo to the next level. But it’s critical to remember not to clutter your logo with too many words—competing images and text can overwhelm the viewer, which is the opposite of what we want.

However, going the text-based route for logos may make the most sense, especially if you’re a startup or a newer business. Text-based logos can better communicate what you and your company are about, and they’re also one of the best ways to establish brand clarity right out of the gate. The key is to keep it simple!

Speaking of simple…

Simple Sells

The ongoing trend towards minimalism in marketing is no mistake—simpler brand designs are easier to recognize. In our fast-paced world, immediate brand recognition is the ultimate goal.

Following that, it pays to be judicious in your branding and creating a logo design. Complex logos with many colors could even be a turnoff to potential customers. A complicated logo demonstrates a lack of cohesion on a branding level. After all, how can you signal customers that you’re confident in your mission if you have trouble creating a logo design?

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, of course. It’s all about balance in the end. We recommend three colors maximum for creating a custom logo, and text-based logo designs should be carefully considered.

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Get Going on Your Next Company Logo

We hope you’ve learned a little more about creating a logo and brand design and how doing it right can pay off for you and your company. Like most other business areas, designing a suitable logo requires strategy and time. Armed with this new knowledge, we’re sure you’ll head in the right direction. As always, feel free to reach out to the Rabbit team for creating logo questions and ideas, and thanks for reading!

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