How Custom Logo Design Works: A Step-By-Step Guide

27 April 2023

How Custom Logo Design Works: A Step-By-Step Guide

Breaking down logo development into a defined process is tough since it varies considerably from one designer to another. Moreover, coming up with a custom logo design involves delicately balancing subconscious creative inspiration and conscious technical know-how. In addition to the creative and technical aspects, however, a fundamental process of research and analysis guides the exercise.

In this guide, we give you a glimpse into the intricate workmanship that goes into creating a captivating and custom logo design. Let’s dive right into it.

Client and Brand Identity Evaluation

A major purpose of a custom logo design is to accurately represent a business and its objectives, and a cookie-cutter approach simply does not cut it. A designer starts by making an effort to understand the nature of your business, what you are aiming for, and the impression you wish to make on potential customers. Though a client brief provides most of the basic information required, a good designer will also try to draw you out to get additional insights. The essence of this exercise is to grasp brand identity to lay the foundation for a custom logo design. 

Industry Evaluation

Still in the discovery phase, a designer will now analyze the industry in which your brand operates and pertinent factors that should inform the design. Some of these include the logos that your major competitors and industry bigwigs have. The idea is to avoid creating a design that is either too far out of the spectrum, and thus irrelevant, or too generic. A custom logo design needs to stand out yet remain recognizable. Considering the techniques commonly used in the space, the typical customer persona and design aspects that are ignored all help to achieve this.

Analyzing Potential Use Cases and Conceptualization

Another crucial step is planning for all possible scenarios where the modern logo might be used and using this to come up with concept sketches. Doing so influences such design choices as the color scheme, the level of detail, and the scale. To illustrate, a logo destined for use on a mobile app would be relatively simpler than one targeting a billboard. It would also not require as much scale. A seasoned custom logo design company will plan ahead for multiple scenarios taking into consideration varied use cases. These include company documents, business cards, your social media profile, website, signage, product packaging, stationery, ads, and campaigns. Notably, its variations for these different use cases will be cohesive and will retain a common, unmistakable thread. A custom logo design company offers different design plans that allow you to get these variations designed simultaneously or make adaptations as the need arises.

Design Refinement and Delivery

The final step involves transforming the concept sketches into digital drafts. Sketching could have triggered an overflow of creative juices resulting in countless concepts and variations. Picking out the best of these and recreating them on design software breathes life into these ideas. It also allows the designer to experiment with fonts and color schemes as well as typography. After presenting several of these concepts and getting your feedback, the designer will refine them and come up with a finalized concept for your approval and delivery.

Why You Need Custom Logo Design Services

Before you understood the level of creativity, research, and analysis involved in designing a custom logo design, the idea of doing it yourself might have crossed your mind. With a full grasp of the process now, you understand why working with professionals is the best way to eliminate the guesswork and ensure optimal results. The experienced and driven team of experts will breathe life into your brand vision with a creative and custom logo design.

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