Is It Time to Rebrand? 4 Signs to Look Out For

Your Rebranding Checklist for 2023

21 March 2023

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What’s in a rebrand anyway? Great question—and one we’re here to answer today.

Sometimes, a brand refresh is necessary as the market evolves alongside the rest of the world. After all, folks are always looking for the freshest and best, so it only makes sense that your brand should be one of them!

However, it might be difficult to tell whether or not you’re due for a logo redesign. Fear not, though, as the Rabbit team is here to offer a few key signs that mean you’re due for a branding tune-up!

1)  Your Company Vision Has Evolved

Companies are like living beings—they grow, evolve, and change as time passes. This means that what worked for your business a few years ago may no longer work now. Considering how fast-changing our world is, this has never been truer!

Many companies have opted for a rebrand to reflect the changing times. If you discover that your vision and mission have changed considerably in response to the past few years, it’s worth looking into a brand refresh to bring your business up to speed.

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2)  You’re Looking to Target a New Demographic

Different folks like different things. However, a shifting target audience deserves another new image to reflect their values and life goals. A rebrand is necessary if you want to target a diverse audience in the coming year.

Before you dive into a complete rebrand, do some preliminary market research on what kinds of branding appeal to the audience you’re trying to reach. This will save you time, money and headaches down the line.

3)  Your Company Has Undergone an M&A

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Mergers, acquisitions, and rebrands—oh, my! Tumultuous as these transitions may be, they also call for some serious rebranding. It’s a best practice within the business world to give your company a new image if it merges with another one. Think of it as a symbolic visual close to one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

You might get some blowback from higher-ups in the company you’re merging with, so it’s worth addressing the rebranding proposal with stakeholders and executives before making any big decisions.

4)  You’re Embarrassed of It

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Believe it or not, that cringy feeling we get handing out old business cards is a signal that it’s time for something new. If you look at your old logo with the same disdain as your uni hairstyle choices, you owe it to both you and your business to get with the times.

Every major brand has rebranded before, so don’t feel bad if your current logo has you feeling bad. There are plenty of unique modern logo design ideas and even more incredible graphic designers ready to help you with a brand facelift. Go get that new logo!

Wishing You the Best with Your Brand Refresh!

You can see that a rebrand is sometimes all you need to kick your vision up a notch. Even though your reasons for doing so might be different, the root desire is all the same: to give consumers the best and most up-to-date version of what you have to offer. Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for the latest industry trends!

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