The Hottest Logo Trends for 2023

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Awesome Design Ideas!

25 March 2023

Colorful lowercase letters of the alphabet against a black background

2023 is off to the races, but it’s still early enough to predict incoming logo design shifts for the year. As a designer, you might be well-versed in keeping up with trends that never make a splash. However, there are a few worth discussing, as they’ve slowly started to appear with increasing frequency in the design world. As always, it’s best to stay on top of what’s popular so you can help businesses stay fresh and relevant with their branding.

As we continue to emerge from the past-pandemic haze, we’re noticing a few critical shifts in logo designs. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for 2023 logo trends, as we hope these take off as the year unfolds!

1)  Escapism

Speaking of the pandemic, is there anything else we’d like to get away from more? We’d like to think not, and this attitude is undoubtedly showing in newer logo designs.

Between COVID, wars, and climate change, the future often feels bleak—no wonder most of us dream of utopian paradises, better worlds unplagued by the problems ours faces. Expect to see a lot of sci-fi or space-related logo trends this year. We’re looking for modern logos that are out of this world—literally!

Blocky, white speech bubble against hot pink background

2)  Candy Colors

However, optimism won’t become a lost art in 2023—candy-coated pastels bring back memories of happier, lighter times, and hopefully, times to come as well! A sharp contrast with the “Chobanicore” trend of 2021, rainbow palettes are sure to show up in modern logo design this year.

3)  Hand-Drawn Logos

Red and purple light bathe different vintage brand logos spread out messily across a table

Now more than ever, people are looking for something authentic, something real. What better way to imbue your brand with authenticity than to handwrite your logo text? We’re not talking about “handwritten” fonts, either (no disrespect to Sans Serif!), but handwriting the text on your logo design tool of choice. As we all know too well, real life gets scribbly sometimes, and it’s worth showing in your logo.

4)  The Minimalism Trend Continues

The word ‘fire’ in red neon text against a street background

Minimalism is still king in branding—there’s no doubt about that. As the world gets crazier, the desire for the simple things only gets more substantial, and that attitude is undoubtedly reflected in company logos worldwide. We’re talking about logo trends that’s clean, abstract typefaces, complementary color schemes, and more.

Best of Luck in 2023!

We love what we see in branding this year and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings. Even though we think these trends rock, we know fresh ideas can pop up unexpectedly. Thanks for reading, and keep checking back for more on the latest logo design trends!

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