How to Choose the Right Color for Your Logo

Why Logo Color Schemes Matter

17 March 2023

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If the marketing world were an online dating service, think of your logo as the carefully curated photos that you choose to put on your profile. You pick them to make a good impression and send a specific message to the people you’re hoping to attract. While that message may differ from person to person, the concept behind it is the same: we choose the visuals we choose because we want to portray certain qualities about who we are and what we do.

That’s why it’s worth putting the time and effort into your company logo design—especially the colors. The Rabbit team is here to explore logo colors and how to choose the color scheme that brings your brand vision to life, so keep on reading!

The Psychology of Color in Logo Design

Color is often directly linked to a brand or company’s identity, and different colors signal different ideas and emotions. Take McDonald’s, for example—the yellow arches and red backdrop denote happiness, power, strength, and positivity. No wonder they’ve sold over 99 billion hamburgers!

Unsurprisingly, different colors are prevalent in specific industries. For instance, many credit card companies (three-quarters, to be exact!) use blue in their branding to connote trust, security, and peace of mind. In contrast, many retail companies use red logos to convey a sense of power, boldness, and youth.

How about other colors, though?

Red, purple, hot pink, orange, and gold paint splatters against a white background

Choosing the Right Logo Colors

We’ve already touched on how red and blue can communicate power and calmness, respectively, so let’s dive into some other logo color meanings.

  • Orange – An exciting color, orange conveys a sense of fast-paced strength and youthful energy. Seeing as it’s a blend of red and yellow, you’ll get the same connotations of power and positivity. The tech, logistics, and fitness industries love orange in their logos for these reasons.
  • Yellow – As we just mentioned, yellow is a fun, vibrant choice for a logo color. In Western cultures, yellow evokes happiness, friendliness, optimism, and positivity. Just think of the classic smiley face—who doesn’t feel good when they see that lovable yellow mug? Many fitness and budget companies use yellow in their branding because they want folks to feel good, whether it’s through working out or saving money.
  • Green – Green is clean because it conveys eco-friendliness, nature, cleanliness, health, and nature. However, it’s popular with financial companies, too, thanks to the color of money. Like its cousin blue, green also conveys a sense of security and natural order, making it perfect for the education and wellness industries.
  • Violet – Since antiquity, we have associated violet with royalty, luxury, and elegance. It signals to people that your brand or product is premium—and who doesn’t want that? Because of this, you’ll see violet in many higher-end companies or businesses that offer luxury products or services.
  • Black – Like violet, black also conveys luxury and elegance. However, it has added elements of cleanliness and power, making it a hit in logo branding for the fashion, automotive, and finance industries.
  • White – You’ll see white and blue paired together in many brand logos, as white also conveys simplicity, peace, clarity, and cleanliness. With its additional elements of purity and innocence, you’ll see this in industries geared towards child-rearing and religion.

Happy Logo Designing!

As you can see, choosing the right color for your logo is an extensive process. Hopefully, we’ve shed some light on which colors make the most sense for your company, and we look forward to seeing your future logo! Don’t hesitate to contact the Rabbit team for guidance on thoughtful logo design. Thanks for reading!

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