Best Practices And Examples When Using Custom Logo Design For Branding

14 April 2023

Best Practices And Examples When Using Custom Logo Design For Branding

It has likely taken you considerable time, effort, and resources to finally get your business logo professionally done. While that is certainly a big first step, an equally important step is to get your custom logo out there and put it to work. Failure to do so will render everything you have put into the design process a complete waste. 

Putting your logo to appropriate use will bring it to life and leverage its limitless potential for branding. But even though you understand the integral role it is supposed to play, how can you successfully use it in the branding process? Here are some examples of designing a logo and tips for utilizing it effectively.

Product Packaging

Whether your company operates an eCommerce or retail business, using your logo for product packaging is a great way to drive brand recognition. To start with, use the logo on envelopes, boxes, paper bags, labels, and stickers. As you get more established, consider upgrading to custom packaging. Even if your business does not have products, you can still make an impact by offering items like pens, mugs, or tissue papers bearing the custom logo. 

Make the most of this opportunity by going beyond simply slapping the logo onto the packaging. Rather, use it to showcase your brand personality. Broken letter packaging such as Mcdonald’s is an outstanding example of how to use a logo to drive visual interest. Other great ideas include using a cropped or simplified format of your logo for this purpose.

Professional Business Cards

Use your custom logo design on business cards to establish business connections during industry events. While the logo should be the focal point of the card, other important details include the company name, phone number, email address, and website. One version of Steve Jobs’ business card made waves with its simple yet elegant design. It mainly consisted of white space and Apple’s multicolor logo prominently positioned. The rest of the details were in faded, grey typography, italicized, and bolded. Thinking outside the box and going beyond the obvious here will similarly make yours outstanding.

Creating an Online Presence

Proper use of your custom logo online will give your digital business a tangible face and reinforce your presence. This includes such places as your website, social media pages, blog, and email signature among others. Create a suitable version of the logo for the different spaces so as to make the greatest impact. A professional design team can create multiple logo versions for use in different spaces simultaneously. Doing so right at the onset eliminates the need to go back to the drawing board every time the need arises for an adaptation of your primary logo. 

The Nike swoosh and Shopify’s iconic logo both offer great examples of creative logos used for driving an online presence. Their icons have become synonymous with their brands, thanks to consistent use and aggressive marketing efforts. They use these icons to define their online presence in form of favicons, digital avatars, and on profile pictures among other ways. 

Bring Your Brand Vision to Life with a Custom Logo Design

Using your custom logo for a variety of promotional efforts helps to create a professional image and drive brand recognition. Though a custom logo maker could appear to offer an easy way to achieve this, it can never match professional design services. Our talented team will bring your vision to life in an eye-catchy and unique multi-functional logo design that will work across a wide range of spaces for effective branding. 

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