Four Key Considerations And Techniques When Designing A Logo That Fits Your Brand

21 April 2023

Four Key Considerations And Techniques When Designing A Logo That Fits Your Brand

There is so much more to a good logo than meets the eye. If you are currently working to design a logo, then you have likely come to appreciate just how much work goes into it. Attempting to marry your logo design to your brand in a visual product that is fitting and catchy is rather daunting.

This is a major reason why it is best to leave the job of designing a logo design to the professionals. The seasoned experts at rabbit are experienced in creating creative, eye-catching logo designs that perfectly fit the brands we represent. Whether you leave it to the experts or decide to attempt a DIY, here are four key considerations to keep in mind for the best logo.

Identify Your Brand Story and Turn It into a Visual

The ultimate starting point for any effective logo is the brand story – when you start with the story, the rest of the pieces just fall into place. Start by defining your story and aligning the design concept to it. Purpose-driven storytelling allows you to create a brand identity that is an extension of this narrative. In turn, this lays the groundwork for designing a logo that conveys what you do, why you do it, and what your brand stands for. 

Work from the Inside Out

A second consideration that many business owners fail to appreciate is the role employees play in the design process. Employees are on the front lines of the business, and the brand identity system (logo included) revolves around how they work and interact with clients. An effective design should therefore integrate their input. Take time to brainstorm together with staff members and incorporate their suggestions into the design. Employees appreciate being heard and typically translate this gratitude into actions that extend to the customer. The end result is a strong emotional connection between the customer and the brand behind the logo. 

Find Creative Ways to Strike an Emotional Chord

What would you like the target customer to feel when they think of your company? Do you want them to feel whimsical and adventurous or would you rather speak to their business or family-oriented side? Remember that the logo will almost always be the first impression anyone gets about your brand. Strive to make this impression count by using colors, shapes, fonts, and imagery to establish an emotional connection with the target customer. 

Align All Design Elements

Now that you have all the foundational elements – a brand story, employee input, and the emotive aspect – it is time to bring it all together. Aligning all your disparate design elements into your visual product is essential in ensuring it delivers the desired result. There are no hard and fast rules to govern the application of this rule, but the end result should be cohesive. As a rule of thumb, choose a professional who has a track record of incorporating minimalistic aesthetics for a strikingly simple effect. Such a design is usually unified, identifiable, and by extension, memorable. 

Why Enlist Professional Logo Design Company Services?

Even with the above tips in mind, setting out to design a business logo without the relevant expertise would likely be an exercise in futility. As with any other creative exercise, the job is best left to the experts, and the rabbit team is ready to assist. Our team will work with you every step of the way to incorporate the above elements into a striking and unique logo design that perfectly harmonizes with your brand.

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