5 Qualities Every Great Graphic Designer Has

How to Choose the Perfect Graphic Designer

9 March 2023

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So you’re in the market for a graphic designer—lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place!

No, we’re not just talking about our fantastic team of graphic designers here at Rabbit, but great graphic designers in general. With so many out there, knowing how to find a graphic designer  that’s right for your project can be challenging.

That’s why the Rabbit team is here to discuss five qualities you should look for in your next graphic designer. You’ll be in good shape if you find one that checks most of these boxes.

1)  Great Communication

Being a great communicator is central to business success, but it’s even more pertinent in graphic design. This is because an excellent graphic designer employs active listening and clarification skills to ensure that they see your vision the way you see it. In other words, graphic designer skills don’t always translate to good interpersonal skills.

But good communication also encompasses prompt follow-up to questions and feedback. No graphic designer worth your time will leave you hanging. If you still have doubts, ask your prospective designer to send you some testimonies or former clients you can talk to first.

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2)  Storytelling Ability

So a graphic designer can take direction—but is there more to the puzzle? We think so. Great graphic designers should not only understand what you want but be able to bring it to life compellingly. This is where asking to see portfolios or former work is well worth it, as you’ll see firsthand if their style and approach fit what you’re looking for.

3)  Time Management Skills

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This one is self-explanatory, so we won’t go into too great of detail. Punctuality is of the essence when working with an excellent graphic designer, and you may need to speak to former clients or look up reviews to see their track record in meeting deadlines.

4)  Ability to Incorporate Feedback

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Following along the lines of being a good communicator, a great graphic designer should be able to take constructive criticism and incorporate it into their re-designs. This means no fussing, hurt feelings, or retaliation—all the hallmarks of an inexperienced (or incompetent) graphic designer. After all, you want to get what you pay for, so your designer must be able to take direction and run with it.

5)  Patience

Last but not least, enhancing all the above qualities is a healthy dose of patience. An even-keeled graphic designer can keep their head about them and deliver the right product on time, even while taking feedback of all kinds. Again, client testimonies will help you out here, although you can get a good sense of what working with them will be like just by getting to know them a little first.

Before You Begin Your Search…

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a great graphic designer, your search shouldn’t take nearly as long. Even though there are plenty of other standout qualities in great graphic designers, these five are sure to set you on the right track. Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to contact our team of all-star graphic designers here at Rabbit if you have any questions!

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